Young & Nasty Vol. 3

Released at: April 14, 2020 by Karups
Paris's boyfriend was pledging a frat and they told him that he had to work at a car wash wearing a tight, tiny speedo that really showed off his huge cock. When she saw it, she was very turned on by it and started rubbing his cock through the suit. Pulling the suit down, she took his big cock in her mouth and gave him some fantastic head. He returned the favor, helping the blonde hottie get naked so he could eat and finger her shaved pussy before sliding his thick rod so deep inside her it took her breath away. You couldn't wipe the smile off her face as he drove his cock deep inside her. She loved it so much she couldn't contain herself and the petite coed came all over his cock. They moved around, fucking in a few different positions before she ended up on top, riding him until he was ready to pop then she dropped back to her knees and let him fire his load in her mouth and all over her pretty face. When blonde hottie Khloe Kapri was kicking back in her bedroom on her phone, a guy friend of hers showed up and wasn't feeling very well. She found out the problem was that he took one of his dad's Viagra pills and now he was rock hard, his heart was racing, and he had a headache. His dick had been hard for two hours and he was starting to get worried so Khloe decided to help the guy out with a little release. He pulled his cock out to show her and she was instantly impressed with how big it was. Khloe took him down her throat and nearly gagged on his throbber before rolling onto her back so he could drive his cock deep inside her trimmed pussy. His cock felt so good inside her she never wanted to stop. Taking full advantage of his Viagra induced dick, the rode him, bounced her round ass on his shaft, and let him fuck her all over the bed then dropped his load on her pretty face - problem solved! The building handyman fixed Liza Rowe's desk then was hanging out with her talking about how her freshman year of college was going. She was happy with the classes, but she was having trouble making friends and getting dates. When she told him she was looking for a fuck buddy, he was happy to be that guy for her. She looked so sweet and innocent with her braces, but this brunette babe is a very naughty girl who loves to fuck. As they kissed, she peeled off her clothes and fished his cock out of his pants. Her major is English, but this hottie knows a lot about biology and showed her skills when she sucked his cock. Laying her back on the bed, he drove his fat dick into her wet pussy and made her moan. She worked up a sweat as he moved her around the bed, pounding that pussy like there was no tomorrow as the teen babe came all over his shaft. He rolled her onto her side and pounded her hard then pulled out and blasted his hot load all over her round ass. He was just the fuck buddy this babe was looking for. Cosmetology student Natalie was finishing up her schooling by dying this guy's beard. She told him his beard was going to be dark brown or black and she dyed it blue. He was upset and wanted her to fix it so the petite cutie with short hair decided to calm him down some by rubbing his cock through his shorts. He took the shorts off and Natalie showed him how sorry she was by deepthroated his hard cock. Her sucking his cock was calming him down, but when she took her clothes off and let him eat her tight, shaved pussy, he no longer cared about the beard. He did, however, care about fucking Natalie! Pulling her down on top of him, he teased her tight ass while he fucked her hard and made her moan. She rode him like a cowgirl before letting him hit it from behind. He hammered that pussy until her nipples were hard and her clit was swollen as she came all over his shaft. When he put her on her knees and came on her pretty face, he forgave her for the blue beard.

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