Wide Open Housewife

Released at: January 20, 2015 by DORCEL (English)
Mature women are incredibly horny, and their vast and varied sexual experiences give them a sensuality and expertise that no 20-year old girl could ever hope to equal. Audrey, 36, is proof of this (Ava Courcelles.) She enjoys a fulfilling and totally open sex life with her husband, whose greatest pleasure is to find perfect strangers for her and watch her offering herself to them, sometimes taking part himself.Indeed, Audrey's husband has arranged a rendezvous with her today in a very classy bar in the city. What sexual surprise does he have in store for her this time? And will Audrey finally be able to realize her steamiest fantasy of hosting a licentious evening for all her mature girlfriends, who are as brazen as she is, and their partners?

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