We Swallow 23

Released at: July 22, 2009 by Rodney Moore
Nikki is bored and wants to play. What she wants to play with is Alan's cock. It's not hard but her sweet mouth can take care of that. She sucks him hard and wet until he shoots his load into her pretty mouth. She swallows every drop. Rodney sees Marie jogging in the park and asks her if she thinks LA women are horny. She says that since she's broken up with her boyfriend, she's been really horny. To prove this, they go back to his house where she sucks his cock, poolside. Rodney is in Seattle and he finds Diana who claims to be horny. He wants her to prove to him that Seattle Women are the horniest by going back to his place for a blow job. Eager to see her town win the competition, she not only sucks his dick but lets him fuck her and cum in her mouth. Rodney meets his girlfriend Lacie at the outdoor Cafe where she's working. She tells him she has a fantasy about having sex in public and wants to give him a blowjob right there. Tina and Sasha are bored in their hotel room. When Rodney brings them the fresh towels that they requested, they ask to see his cock. When he asks why, they explain that they are in the mood for a live show. He takes his cock out for them and they start to play with it.

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