Released at: July 6, 2006 by Antigua Pictures
Originally filmed in 1993 and released as an R-rated movie that was aired on HBO and USA Network. ** Uninhibited** represents a milestone in adult film making as it was the first R-rated movie to come out of the adult industry paving the way for many others to release R-rated versions of big budget adult features. In 2006, the movie was re-edited with the hardcore sex scenes added back in and then re-released in the adult video market where it garnered a 2007 AVN Award Nominee for Best Actor and Best Director. Original Liner Notes: Gun, a tough homicide cop, was once the pride of the department. When his partner is shot down because of Gun's mistake, his life turns upside down. Only the bottom of a glass can provide numbness to his woeful conscience. When his next assignment calls for him to infiltrate a massive criminal cartel, Gun enters into a world of vice and sin he never knew existed. Beautiful women, yachts, extraordinary castles and orgies are all at his fingertips. With his new partner, the stunning and sexy Jugginson, Gun tries to move forward. Will he learn from his past failures or will he succumb to the temptations of this erotic criminal world?

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