TS Love Stories Vol. 3

Released at: June 20, 2018 by TransSensual
TransSensual's popular romance series is back with another installment of passionate, emotionally charged stories of gorgeous TS girls facing relationship conflicts. Jessica Fappit is worried when boyfriend and federal agent D. Arclyte comes home late from a drug bust. Emotions run high as they try to reconcile their relationship with his high stakes career...Lena Kelley is horrified when husband Smith reveals that they must join a witness protection program, which will move them to the midwest and leave their luxurious life in Beverly Hills behind. Can Smith get her on board with this new plan? Korra Del Rio finds out that boyfriend Chad has been catfishing ladies on the internet. She's ready to kick him to the curb, unless Chad can come up with a tempting distraction...Several months later, Chad is on his own and ready to date again in earnest. He posts an ad and meets Casey Kisses for a date. She's gorgeous and seems out of his league. What can Chad do to leave her wanting more...

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Lena Kelly

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