Trisha Naughty Skoolgirl

Released at: May 16, 2023 by Dirty Doctors Videos
What a shit day I have had at skool, as usual I was in trouble and was called up to see the Headmaster for punishment, but instead of getting my bottom smacked he made me lay on his desk and he slapped my pussy with his ruler, what a pervert, but now I'm home its time to strip off and play and I borrowed a couple of my mums toys to try and I also have the Headmasters ruler so I can slap my pussy myself, because in truth I rather enjoyed having my pussy slapped, but now its time to try the mini magic wand I took from my mums room and let me tell you it feels really good on my pussy its quite powerful for such a small toy and I soon reach a climax but now time to try another one a nice smooth vibrator which slides with ease into my juicy cunt but now its inside me I reach for the mini wand and push it down on my clit which feels really good, and I soon reach a fantastic climax, but now to try the big black rabbit and I hope it fits but with a bit of a push it slides deep inside me and I pound away and it really hits the spot but let me sit on it and bury it in deeper but not time to finish off so I lay back and fuck myself hard and fast until I reach an electrifying orgasm. Trisha xxx

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