Trailer Park Secrets

Released at: June 30, 2017 by My Pervy Family
"Hey sis do you know where you're mom is?" "No I think she left a few minutes ago.." "Well I'm hungry, do you know when she'll be back?" "I don't know, why can't you go cook yourself something to eat bro??" "C'mon you know I don't cook.. I'm so bored there's nothing to do" "Let's do something fun!.. When was the last time you had sex?" "Why would you ask me that!" "You said you were bored! Just tell me, I'm curious" "Honestly, it's been a few weeks. What about you sis? "Ehh it's been a while, not since my boyfriend and I broke up... Since mom isn't here maybe we could..." "Are you serious, someone could see us in this tiny trailer park" "Do you have something better to do right now? Mom's not here, and who cares if the neighbors sees! I know you can't resist my ass!" "Are we really gonna do this?" Who knew my sis was such a freak, she wanted to have her brother inside her so badly. I give in and pound her tight pussy in the bed of my dad's truck, right outside our trailer! I almost blow my entire load in her sweet wet pussy, but pull out just in time and explode all over my sister's cunt!

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