The Sins Of Echo Valley

Released at: August 11, 2004 by Gotham Gold
Echo Valley, the double jointed hot-to-trot submissive, is the ultimate plaything for Master Armondo! She struts her haughty ass and long legs in front of Master Armondo, hoping to get his attention. Master Armondo sees that she needs to be taken down a notch or two, so he bends her over, rips her pantyhose and slaps her ass red with a riding crop, then he pokes every hole with a huge dildo while verbally humiliating her. She is then lashed to a wooden horse and her huge tits get bound and hot waxed! Master Armondo then suspends Echo for his devious clothespin tease! He applies clothespins all over her huge tits, pussy and even her slutty tongue!

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