The Orgasm Bar 13

Released at: August 3, 2009 by David Mack Video Productions
Emily tests her toned legs as soon as the wand goes on. She fights off the orgasms in the beginning. She does a sexy dance from leg to leg, calves straining, drool starting to flow between her breasts. A compelled tease and denial scene. Emily finally can't stop the orgasm that has been building for over 35 minutes. When she calms down, I tease her by turning the wand on high. She can only cum on low, so I turn it down, making her have orgasm 2. After teasing her on high again, I make her a deal. The wand goes on low, she must work herself to an orgasm every 2 minutes or else the wand goes back on tease. Next, another athletic body takes its turn on the orgasm bar. Rachel is a tough, usually dominant woman. When the wand goes on she squirms but not much. She starts stoic and quiet, but watch closely. You can see her muscles contract. See her clit harden, see her eyes roll, she may be cumming, but she doesn't want to give the satisfaction of us knowing, unless you know where to look. Rachel silently has a number of orgasms. When her head is bent to her chest, she is having one. I go behind her and tease her nipples and make her scream!

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David Mack

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