The Girls In Borstal

Released at: February 22, 2008 by Uniform Discipline
This is the sequel to THE STRICT BOARDING SCHOOL, and should not be missed! The borstal is shot in the dormitory block. The brown uniforms of the Boarding are now replaced by khaki ones. At school, all the four girls hated their uniform, but the borstal was worse they were the pits, the gymkit - red knickers and "T" shirt, white plimsolls and socks. The Borstal staff were even in uniform and they were so cold and heartless as was the dormitory Captain who was a girl their age. As we find out both the wardress and the 19 year old dorm captain just love punishing the girls, either the can or leather strap that really sting across the tops of their legs as well as their bottoms.

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