Temptation (2 Disc)

Released at: June 4, 2003 by Ninn Worx
Make Love to a Woman. Devote one evening - a mere ripple in the cosmos - to only her desires. Live with the concept for a moment that you are in her presence merely for her pleasure. Live for the reality that anticipates and captures that release. Victoria Zdrok depicts a woman unsatisfied with trivial conquests. She's a woman growing with untapped physical curiosity. She's a woman used to control, and she fears that loss of this, which has been her anchor. She wants more, and yet she's afraid of the unknown. Enter the Muse, achingly portrayed by Linn Thomas. She's comforting. She's alluring. She's exotic. She's dangerous. Men are props. Women are inspiration. Fingers are tools. Make no mistake: This is Victoria's quest, Victoria's exploration... Victoria's Temptation. We're just along for the ride.

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