Teen Brazil #11

Released at: July 17, 2012 by Third World Media
**2013 AVN Award Nominee for Best Ethnic Series.** Teenagers with thick butt cheeks, bare shaven pussies and young, inviting asses just begging to be stuffed with fat cocks- that basically sums up the average fuck hungry Brazilian bimbo in Teen Brazil #9 Directed by Ed "El Americano" Hunter Lola is 100% pure Brazilian slut. She has a dark skin tone, lightly bleached hair, thick thighs and a trademark Brazilian bunda that is coated with a firm, well done layer of rich Brazilian BBQ. Her body is super tight and her need for cock between her legs goes beyond that of even the average Brazilian babe. Our guy tongues his way through her fuck slice before fucking her face with his meaty tool. Her young fresh titties hang perfectly as she gobbles up his hog, before taking a squat on it and putting her thick thighs and hips to work fucking his cock with great speed and passion. This girl is a pro and as her clitoris starts to swell with excitement she orgasms over and over while doing some PTM too. Next stop is deep inside the dark chambers of her young anus, which handles a c clobbering like she has been doing it for years. Her eyes roll back into her head as she gets pounded and prepped for a ginormous cum spraying straight out of her ass and right into her mouth. She swallows it all and then showers off any extra cum that still remains... Monique Carvalho has long curly sexy hair and a baby face. Her thighs, ass and hips are so thick and built to withstand the hardest of poundings. Her mouth is also built to handle the fattest of cocks, as we put this youngster to the test. She screams and shouts as things heat up and her pussy and anus start to soften. Straight from her pussy and ass too directly down her throat, this chick does it all. She claps her ass cheeks together as she gash gobbles the large pipe we vaginally and anally feed her. Her efforts earn her a high flying cum missile that coats her neck and chest too. She showers clean and says goodbye. Alysa is white, young and blonde with long hair and perfect breasts with pink puffy nipples. She points her thick booty toward the sky and spreads her scent for our local Brazilian man to find. He eats her soft and deep crested anus and rims her pussy with his tongue, before shoving his Brazilian baton down her throat. She gnaws up and down it before inviting it inside her pink hairless fuck slice. Her pussy starts to soften more as her hips turn to auto pilot. She pulls it out of her own pussy and sucks the pipe clean from time to time, before it splits her shitter for a bit and she gets a big load blown on her pretty titties. She showers, changes and takes a hike. Jenifer Matrix still has a baby fat on her bones and a baby face too. Her slice is shaven hairless, her tits are relatively tiny and her stomach has a few extra rolls in it too. But that hardly matters once she spreads her legs or opens her mouth up. She laps up the cock we bring her like it's a large piece of filet in a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. She hops on top and attacks the penis with her thick butt cheeks, which clap together as she gash gobbles it all up. She maybe young but she is very well trained. Her ass gets smacked around till its red and her pussy and ass both get hammered and deeply plunged, before our guy rockets one off on her large right butt cheek. She rubs it in like moisturizer before showering all the excess away.

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Lola Mello

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