Sweet Chocolate

Released at: August 31, 2006 by Caballero Home Video
A feast for the senses! A wild, wicked and wonderfully erotic tale of Famous Anus and his rich dark and succulent morsels of pleasure. These are the chocolate-dipped fruits he sells and the sultry, sepia sirens that sell them. A lick and a bite out of either is sheer, sexual heaven! How Famous Anus made his "Sweet Chocolate" stories such a delectable success is recalled here in bold, delicious detail. It starts with his hiring two toothsome, awesome hot 'n horny counter girls (Angel Kelly and Shade) who put everything they've got into the job to ensure totally satisfied customers. The scene gets hotter, wilder, on and under the counter, and in the back room, as sundry other workers and customers dip into their supply of mouth-watering delights and titillating treats.

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