Steve Holmes Imposter Makes Penny Jean Fuck Me

Released at: September 12, 2021 by Conor Coxxx Clips
This clip is in fact reality and there is no acting involved.So there was a Steve Holmes imposter messing with me for a couple weeks...He said he was going to hire me for scenes and such and one day he called me while I was with Penny Jean. He told us he wanted to hear us fuck and we thought it was Steve Holmes asking us so right away she starts sucking my dick as HER WIFE picks up the camera to record us.And Im really glad she did because this is an insanely hot long fuck fest.Over 40 minutes straight of slutty sucking and hard fucking.It gets too much for Penny about 5 minutes in the videotoo bad theres still 35 more.Shes to have orgasm after orgasm all over my cock and goddamn it felt good.My dick literally gets covered white with her cum.Throughout the video you hear the imposter cheering us on and ordering us around to do certain positions which is distracting, but hilarious.There were many points in the video where I feel like damnthis bitch has had enough!Unfortunately Steve doesn't think so. He keeps demanding I fuck her more and more, harder and harder.Penny is an amazing slut and she takes it like a champ.After the 12312th time she cums she says Please cum on me, I cant take it anymore!I dont know if Ive ever seen a girl get so horny :OWe go a few more minutes and I cum all in her mouth and on her face.So what happened next with this guy? The joke didnt stop after thisI ended up flying to LA to do scenes(so I thought) for this bastard!Then out of nowhere I couldnt get in touch with him anymore.A few months later I come across the real Steve Holmes on facebook and he knows nothing of the experience.Owned. But this is my life. You cant make this up.At least I got this extremely hot fuck out of it! ;)

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