Special Collector's Edition 29 - Cherie/Falon's Teen Temptation

Released at: January 8, 2008 by Magic Moments
A sweet, teenage girl-crush overwhelms beautiful blonde Falon (34B-23-34) and her brunette girlfriend Cherie (36B-24-35). Daddy's not home, so this pair of 18 year-olds has the opportunity to explore their lusty curiosity. They share tender kisses. Their innocent relationship takes a passionate turn. Falon undoes Cherie's lacy top and suckles her teen breasts. Soon their clothes are cast aside, they are nude! Moving to the bed, Cherie feasts on Falon's shaved pussy, locking her lips over her friend's plump labia. Cherie sucks Falon's toes as their bodies grind clit-to-clit and they climax together in a screaming frenzy! Later, on the couch, Cherie climbs on top of Falon, kisses her and massages her vagina. Then with Falon on all fours, she buries her tongue in Falon's already soaking snatch. Falon's pink butthole gapes as Cherie licks it with her tongue. With her entire crotch being devoured, Falon gives in to an intense orgasm! Not to be outdone, Falon spreads Cherie's thighs and dines on her moist slit. Cherie shudders uncontrollably and cums on her friend's probing tongue!!

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