Sliders 2

Released at: August 17, 2009 by Sineplex Entertainment
Ever want to slide from one hole to another? We took the hottest, nastiest girls we could find, stacked them, and slid big cocks from ass to ass, ass to pussy, pussy to pussy, ass to mouth, and big gapes. This flick stars eight hot horny girls showing what they are made of in this two and an half hour flick. And that's skin, bones, and their 3 holes made for dick. From facials to anal creampies, you will get everything that you desire.

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Scene1: 00:01:21 - 00:35:25 (34:04)


Irine, Krestina

Scene2: 00:35:27 - 01:09:32 (34:05)

Scene3: 01:09:34 - 01:46:35 (37:01)

Scene4: 01:46:36 - 02:24:19 (37:43)