Sexual Fantasies 13

Released at: October 11, 2022 by Babes
Locked out Lust: Gorgeous Arya Fae is on a date with Ryan Mclane and can't wait to show him her place. They two are touching and flirting, they can't wait to get inside! When blonde Arya goes to find her keys, she realizes that the two are locked out. So, amazing Arya tries to fit through the doggy-door in desperation and... she gets stuck! Ryan finds a way inside and tries to help Arya out of the doggy-door, but the two have a kinkier idea. Horny Arya starts sucking Ryan's hard member right there at the door! Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Surprise Striptease: After a long, hard day at work, Charlie wants to come home to a nice meal and his beautiful girlfriend Alexis Crystal. Lucky for Charlie, blonde Alexis is feeling extra generous tonight ? not only has she made him dinner but she's ready to give him his own special striptease! Petite Alexis slowly and sensually peels off her cute, blue dress and flaunts her perfect body in lingerie and high heels. Charlie can't wait to get his hands all over that amazing body ? he pushes his dinner to the side and decides to devour Alexis instead! The Chase: Stunning Alexis Crystal frolics in a beautiful forest, Kristof is hot on her heels ? he can't take his eyes off amazing Alexis. Alexis hides behind trees and tempts Kristof with her long legs and incredible smile! Will Kristof ever catch her?! Finally, creamy-skinned Alexis takes Kristof by the hand and leads him to a secluded patch of grass. There, they lay down and use the forest like their own personal, pleasure playground! For Private Eyes Only: Gorgeous, curvy Bailey Brooke is cooling down in an outdoor shower, it's hot outside and Bailey is just trying to beat the heat. When Quiton James stumbles upon big-breasted Bailey, he can't believe the beautiful mirage in front of him ? he's a photographer and starts snapping pics! When flirty Bailey catches Quiton, she decides to teach him a lesson... her way. Sex and Stolen Identity: Blonde Alessandra Jane is the housemaid to Danny D and his wife but she's unsure if they even know she exists. Gorgeous Alessandra moves through the house unnoticed, even when Danny's wife is out of town! One day, curious Alessandra starts snooping in their walk-in closet and finds some amazing lingerie ? she can't help herself, she needs to try it on. When Danny finds her, young Alessandra tries to hide but Danny mistakes her for his wife! However, once the two have started, they just can't stop and soon they are sharing the master bed!

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