Sex ED with Religious Mom

Released at: January 29, 2018 by House of Fyre
Your mother is such a prude, so when she comes into your room to say she needs to have a talk with you, you're sure it's to discuss some minor infraction or that B+ you got on your math test. You're prepared to tune her out but are intrigued when she says it's a talk about "the birds & the bees". Mom says she knows that since you go to public school they already taught you some things, but there are other things that only a good mother can teach. You're shocked when she starts talking about "missionary position" & how it's the only position that's acceptable. You can't believe your mother is talking about sex. Then things get REALLY surreal, and mom says she's going to "show" you why. Show? What could she possibly mean? You're sure she's going to quote the Good Book yet again, but instead she pulls aside her panties & shows you her... pussy. Your mother is showing you her pussy, and you have no freaking idea what to do. She pulls her knees back & tells you to enter her. You're already rock hard from shock, and you put your cock inside your mother. She tells you that it's a sin to have premarital sex, and she wants to make sure you understand what proper sex looks like, for when you get married. You can hardly hear her, as your brain is overwhelmed with the sensations of her tight, velvety pussy. Then mother turns around & shows you what doggy style looks like, and why it's a sin to do it. Humans don't have sex like animals. "See?" she says, "I'm already losing control of myself, and you are too." She returns to missionary position & reminds you that the only proper way to make love is by gazing into the eyes of your wife. Your young cock can barely handle the stimulation & how sweet it is to be fucking your mother. Sure, she's a a religious nut job, but that pussy is so tight. She senses you're about to explode inside her & she pushes you away. She gives you another lecture on the sins of "spilling your seed," warns you not to masturbate when she leaves the room, then walks out like that was a completely normal conversation to have in a house where even swearing isn't allow. What a TRIP.

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