Russian Slaves #53 - Police In Fight For Morality (Part 2)

Released at: December 10, 2007 by Nettles Corp.
Russian Slaves #53 is the story of continued questioning of police morality in Russia. With sexy girls getting in trouble, someone must make them confess. Watch as we go inside this deep dark world of punishment. Based on a true story, which happened in St. Petersburg, Russia. It is against the law to shoot erotic video in Russia. Three beautiful actresses, who were caught acting in these forbidden erotic movies, were quickly apprehended. Their punishment was to be subjected to very painful and degrading corporal punishment. Taking his job seriously one police officer harshly whipped these poor lasses until their magnificent naked posteriors become a bloody mess.

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Scene1: 00:02:53 - 00:09:29 (6:36)

Scene2: 00:09:30 - 00:22:48 (13:18)

Scene3: 00:22:49 - 00:39:51 (17:02)

Scene4: 00:39:52 - 00:59:09 (19:17)