Russian Model Magazine #1

Released at: June 26, 2018 by In-X-Cess Productions
**Sveta** (She takes Frank on a sexual romp all around Moscow) Age: 18 Job: Photo Model Born: Moscow First Sexual Experience: Age 13 with boyfriend in father's car Ambition: To be rich and see the world **Kyra** (She loves to show you her new lingerie) Age: 21 Job: Student at Moscow Academy of Music Born: Moscow Favorite Movie Star: Richard Gere First Sexual Experience: Age 18 in boyfriend's apartment Ambition: To win music diploma and sing opera professionally **Seilvia** (She takes on two for a thrillingly hot DP adventure) Age: 20 Job: Secretary for computer firm Born: Novgorod Favorite Movie Star: Clarke Gable First Sexual Experience: Age 17 with boyfriend at party Ambition: To be happy and enjoy a long life **Kristina** (Her strip is for you alone) Age: 20 Job: Striptease dancer Born: Yalta Favorite Movie Star: Brad Pitt First Sexual Experience: Age 16 after disco Ambition: To be the best stripper in Russia and retire rich **Natacha** and **Saskia** (Even in Russia they got lesbians) Age: 19 & 20 Job: Students Born: Moscow and Krasnograd Favorite Movie Star: Sophia Loren and Pamela Anderson First Sexual Experience: One still a virgin and the other, age 18 with boyfriend Ambition: To be happy together and visit U.S.A.

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Scene1: 00:01:05 - 00:21:27 (20:22)


Sveta, Frank

Scene2: 00:21:36 - 00:35:48 (14:12)



Scene3: 00:35:55 - 00:48:03 (12:08)



Scene4: 00:48:09 - 00:57:29 (9:20)

Scene5: 00:57:35 - 01:12:59 (15:24)


Natacha, Saskia