Rainy Days Don't Stop My Wife From Gettin' Wet

Released at: May 10, 2023 by Touch My Wife Clips
It's hard to keep a young wife like Babi satisfied, the good thing is she can do it herself. I'm less than shocked & a little horny when she tells me she found a stud at the beach to take home & fuck. She brings him back to our pool and has him feasting on her cunt in no time. I spy from a distance as she takes his thick cock into her mouth. Her big tits knock around as this stranger rails my wife's petite hole. He makes her cum at least once before I show myself and tell them to take it inside. Her pussy clings to his fat dick as he pumps into her repeatedly. He makes Babi orgasm again while I hold her hand like a supportive husband. I love watching her cute ass bounce on her lover's big cock. She even let him creampie her young pussy - what a woman!

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