Rachel Steele - Classics Volume 8

Released at: January 27, 2013 by Red MILF Productions
Scene 1 - Jack, I am Your Stepmother! Rachel peeks in her stepson's room to discover him masturbating on his bed. She knows she should close the door and go to the other side of the house but she cannot keep herself from watching him stroke his cock. She cannot control the fact that she is getting turned on and starts to touch herself as he continues to jerk off. She almost climaxes as he shoots his cum in the air. She quickly goes back to her room and goes to bed. She tries to sleep but cannot stop thinking about what she just witnessed. Her fingers wander down to her pussy as she strokes herself while thinking of the episode. She buries her fingers into her pussy and then adds a couple more in her ass. She cums just as she imagines being between her stepson's legs as he shoots his load. The next morning as she drinks her coffee at the kitchen table it all comes crashing down on her that she is getting turned on by imagining sexual relations with her stepson Scene 2 The next day Rachel is sitting on the couch when her stepson walks into the room wearing only his underwear sporting a hard-on. She tries to look him in the eye as he asks her a question about the whereabouts of his jeans. Her eyes wander down to his crotch as she tells him to leave the room and put on some clothes. Instead of leaving the room he pulls down his underwear and jerks his cock in front of her. She stands up and slaps his face. Much to her surprise he pushes her down on the couch and puts his tongue into her mouth. She pulls away and gets to her feet to leave the room. However, Rachel is very compliant and her stepson is very forceful. He tells her to stand in front of him and strip but she refuses. He orders her to remove her clothes and reluctantly takes off her blouse, then her bra, then her skirt and finally, her panties. Jack continues to jerk his cock as his stepmother strips. After she is standing naked in front of him he spreads his legs and tells her to get onto her knees and suck his cock. She slowly complies with his order and sinks to her knees. She tentatively touches his cock and then begins to suck him forcefully. He was surprised that she quickly got into sucking his cock and was clearly trying to pull a load out of him. He looks down on his stepmother as she enthusiastically sucks his cock. As he announces his intention to cum she tries to pull away. She was not counting on him grabbing her hair and holding her down on his cock as he orgasms. Most of the cum is directed down her throat but she coughs some up and it runs down her tits as he finally releases her. Scene 3 After swallowing most of the massive load her stepson shot down her throat Rachel licks his cock clean. Reality quickly sets in and she says they need to dress before his stepfather comes home from work. Jack knows his stepfather is a workaholic and probably would not be home for a couple more hours. He still has a hard-on after the blowjob and is raring to fuck his stepmother. He pushes Rachel back on the couch and tells her to put legs back as far as they can go. He rubs his hard cock between her pussy lips. The blowjob had made her very horny so she was naturally lubricated for him. She pleaded with him to not put his cock into her but he was beyond worrying about any sort of taboo behavior. Her pleading turns to moaning quickly as he bangs her missionary style on the couch. He flips her over onto all fours and fucks her hard doggy style. He flips her back over on her back as he gets ready to cum. His orgasm is so huge that cum is put into her pussy leaving her with a big cream pie. Things will never be the same. Scene 4 - Blackmailed Into Sex With Her Stepson David overhears his parents arguing in the bedroom. It is not uncommon to hear his stepmother yelling at his stepfather about his poor sexual performance. He decides he is going to do something about it. He is going to seduce his stepmother and give her the orgasms she desires. This is going to be very tricky. Although his stepmother is very hot she does not fool around on her husband. The next night his stepfather was working late. He put on some slow music and asked his stepmother to dance. She was very surprised by the invitation and joked that he should be using that line on one of his girlfriends. As they dance and talk David eases his body closer to her about nuzzles her neck. She pushes him back gently and tells him to keep an appropriate distance between them. He pulls her body against him again and this time she pushes him away and tells him that she is not one of his cheap little slut girlfriends. He realizes that a direct course of action is not going to work so he is going to have to resort to blackmail. Rachel wakes up the next day with some blank spots. She does not consider that she might have taken something without her knowledge. When she returns from shopping later that day David shows her a video tape that was dropped off at the house. It was a video of her having sex with a man who she does not even recognize. Rachel grabs the remote control out his hand, shuts off the tape and runs out of the room. After she regains her composure he sits her down on the couch and proposes a way to make sure his stepfather never finds out about the tape. David tells his stepmother that if she will teach him everything she knows about sex then he would not tell his stepfather about the tape. She immediately refused and storms out of the room. He comes into her room later and tells her to decide. Either take off her clothes or he goes to his stepfather's office and shows him the video tape. She relents and starts slowly taking off his clothes. She is stripping too slowly for his taste so he pulls off her skirt and panties. He shoves her back onto the bed, spreads her legs and buries his face in her crotch. She cannot remember the last time she has had a tongue on her pussy. David worms his finger deep up into her pussy and massages her G-spot as he tongues her clit. She cums for the first time in months. Scene 5 After David gives his stepmother a mind-blowing orgasm by licking her pussy he crawls up to her face and begins to kiss her. She initially resists so he has to hold her arms down to the bed. However, it has been a long time since anyone has kissed like this so the struggling stops and her long legs wrap around his body. David slowly stops kissing her and stands at the end of the bed. He unzips his jeans and pulls out his dick. He tells his stepmother that is her turn. She crawls over to him and asks him if he is sure that this is what he wants. He answers that he wants her to suck his cock. He pushes her head down all the way down on his cock causing him to deep-throat him over and over. She lifts off his cock long enough to say that this is not right but goes right back to enthusiastically sucking his cock. David does not have the same moral dilemma as Rachel as he tells her what a great cock sucker she is. He comments that now he knows why his stepfather married her. It was because of her great cock sucking skills and ability to deep-throat a cock. As he gets closer to cumming his thrusts become more urgent. He grabs his stepmother's hair and makes her go all the way down on his cock. He asks if he can cum in her mouth. She says that does not even let his stepfather do it. But David is too close to listen to her reply. He grabs her hair a final time and pushes her head all the way down on his cock, shooting his load into her mouth and choking her. When he releases her head she tells him that she hoped he enjoyed it because that was the one and only time he would ever get to do it. Later in the day David walks into his stepmother's room as she is changing clothes. He hugs her and plants a big kiss on her lips. After they break she tells him that he should knock. David replies that he does not need to knock since she is now his woman. She corrects him, telling him that she is his s

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