Racconti Napoletani (Italian)

Released at: September 18, 2009 by Mario Salieri Productions
The film begins with a hot scene that turns out to be a man's fantasy. You begin to see that he is reading something, a dirty book, a diary, who knows? But each time a scene begins, we see him reading his book, and then staring off and fantasizing. It's his fantasies that you have to see! He fantasizes about fondling and fucking sleeping women; having them wake up as he cums all over their faces! He fantasizes about anal sex and messy cumshots. His fantasies come true in the end when he finally gets his hands on some willing female flesh and does everything his heart desires!

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Scene1: 00:00:40 - 00:10:13 (9:33)



Scene2: 00:12:40 - 00:22:22 (9:42)


Anita Dark

Scene3: 00:22:23 - 00:30:14 (7:51)

Scene4: 00:30:15 - 00:44:34 (14:19)

Scene5: 00:44:38 - 01:01:44 (17:06)