Painful Employment

Released at: February 16, 2006 by California Star Productions
Gemini does not find it easy being the head of a high profile company. Especially when two of her employees are both excessively tardy and absent. Furious, she decides to surprise them by going to their loft, and finds them lounging about. They are given a choice: lose their jobs or suffer a strict disciplinary action. Obviously taking the latter, Anastasia is bent over Gemini's knee for a hand spanking. Both she and Paige are hand spanking. Both she and Paige are hand spanked followed by numerous sharp thwack's of a strap...Anastasia is then sent off to work while Gemini administers a final caning to Paige, who is determined to be the main instigator of their bad behavior. She too is sent to the office to dwell upon their misbehavior and subsequent hard lessons...

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