North/South Divide

Released at: February 20, 2010 by Television X
Are Northern girls naughtier than the sizzlers from the South? Sexy slappers from opposite ends of England battle it out with dildos, fingers and tongues to see who's the best shag in the country! Join the mass debate in TV's hottest contest! First of all, take your seats for an XXX-rated totty tussle between foxy Faye and sizzling Sahara Knite. The girls lick, suck, finger and vibe each other's pussies until they come buckets! Yorkshire lass Faye says: 'We love it every way possible and all the time.' Who's the best at lesbian licking? Watch and see. It's tattooed Essex girl Emma (South) vs. Lusty Leeds Lass Suzie Best. 'Every girl I know from the North loves it up the arse!' She says. Nice. Southern girls are dirty little minxes, according to Surrey stunner Paige Ashley, but Sheffield's Michelle B is out to prove Northern birds are dirtier! Hull Harlot Poppy Morgan says, "We Northern girls will shag anything with a pulse." Londoner Avalon reckons: "Southern girls can have dirty sex for Hours!"

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