My Step-Mom Removes My Condom

Released at: June 25, 2022 by My Pervy Family
So my new stepmom Madison & I kissed, just this once at a party recently. I mean, she's really hot but it never went any further so no big deal. Or so I thought. She calls me into her bedroom, dressed in this cute red top that shows off her cleavage. She tells me she can't stop thinking about our kiss and that we need to fuck so she can get it out of her system. What a pervert! She asks if I have a condom and of course I do. She says it's not even real sex technically since our skin isn't touching. Solid logic. We tear at each other and then she slips the rubber on my hard cock, I put it inside her and she is sooooo tight. I stretch out her MILF pussy as she rides me on top, but then when we go to switch positions... she tells me she wants to take the condom off. I let her pull it off and then slid my big cock deep inside her wet pussy, feeling my stepmom's insides properly for the first time. The rest is a blur... All I can remember is her twerking all over my cock until I shot my salty full load inside her MILF pussy. I think it's out of her system now...or in her system? Whatever...

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