My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 25

Released at: October 22, 2019 by Nikky Thorne Productions
Scene 01 "Cuckold duties - Total Cam" Nikky Thorne - Nesty Being a cuckold represent a series of duties, and Nikky and Nesty have no problem explaining this to their new young cuckold! Since it is his first time, they rather take some time bringing him to the low level right away.. Duties like Cock sucking, ass sniffing, and more.. Nesty and her sugar daddy, fuck over his pathetic face, and Nesty place her ass on his face while being fucked. When Sugar daddy comes, he deliver his cum all over her boots. The cuckold last duty this day is off course licking her boots spotless clean! Scene 02 "Call "Girl" cum eater" Nikky Thorne - Sarah Cute Nikky is together with Sarah Cute, and Sarah is horny! So Nikky have an idea! She know a call "girl" which can come and satisfy Sarah. Nikky call, and a few moments later the call "girl" comes. Dressed in a tight top, looking like crap! But needles he needs to satisfy Sarah, and try his best to do so, highly encouraged by Nikky. But Nikky have a kinky plan! While he fucks Sarah, Nikky put on her strapon and fuck his sorry ass. Even in sandwich style they do the fucking. He is even stupid enough to cum inside Sarah! But no problem, he is told to lick every piece of cum from her pussy! Scene 03 "Old wanker fucking Nesty" Nesty A old wanker is visiting Nesty, and is so horny for this blonde bombshell. Nesty is always horny, so no problem! Let's go! After fucking her her, he empties his load in her juicy pussy.

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