My Perverted Fantasy Vol. 16

Released at: May 29, 2019 by Nikky Thorne Productions
Scene 01 "Loser husband turned into cuckold" Nikky Thorne - Nesty Nesty have a loser husband! He can't give her an orgasm, and since Nikky is visiting her, it is time to teach the loser a lesson! He is tied up in rope bondage, and he can only lick their feet, or dirty asses. Nikky call over a friend to fuck Nesty, so that her loser husband can watch a man giving her an orgasm. After a hot fucking and a orgasm for Nesty, he is jerked into Nesty's hand. Nesty take her cum filled hand, and feed her husband with the cum. Now his future is sealed! He can only be a cuckold! Scene 02 "New cuckold humiliated" Nikky Thorne - Nesty A new cuckold is getting his test verified by Nikky and Nesty. So after he have licked their feet, Nikky calls Nesty's sugardaddy over, and the cuckold must watch as Nesty give the old pervert a blowjob. Then a hot fucking starts, and Nesty rides his dick as if it was the last time with dick in her juicy pussy. She give him a blowjob again, and with a little handjob, he is ready to burst. Nesty have him cum in the mouth of the cuckold! Nikky have him collect what was missed in his mouth, and consume every drop of cum.

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