My Lesbian Fantasies Vol 20

Released at: December 5, 2018 by Nikky Thorne Productions
Scene 01 (Nikky Thorne - Angel Wicky) "Superheroine's kryptonite" . Angel Wicky is a crime fighter, and comes home after a long day fighting crime. She uses her lantern to find her place of peace, but out of the mist I come in her apartment, and I am her kryptonite. When I am close she is without any powers, and I can have my way with her! I start torment her with tickling, and she can't fight me. I unzip my villain suite and have her worship my asshole and pussy. Again, she have no chance to resist me as her arch enemy and kryptonite. But as I can have my way with her any way I want, I take my boots if and have her smell and lick my sweaty feet. I start licking her gigantic boobs, and she still can't reject me. I move down to her pussy, and lick her into a orgasm before I make her fall asleep still under my spell Scene 02 (Nikky Thorne - Brandy Smile) "Best friends ass worship" Brandy is on of my best friends, and we do basically what we love to do in private. Lick each others asses until we orgasm Scene 03 (Nikky Thorne - Nesty) "The Job Interview" I am reading Nesty's job application as she enters for an interview to work for me. Little did I know that she looked so sexy, so my focus quickly changes to some hot ass licking of her sexy ass. Nesty is not hard to convince, and is ready to anything to get a job with me. So we are licking every inch of each others asses. I think I have found my new employee,

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