Master's Orders

Released at: July 25, 2018 by California Star Productions
The Master has been most displeased with several of his employees. He asks Molly, a beautiful blonde haired sprite to administer some well-needed discipline on his behalf to Lulu an impetuous brunette who is very good at not doing what she is told! Molly quickly jumps at the chance to please her employer and applies a gag and several tight ties to Lulu's writhing body. Wiggling and squirming helplessly on the floor, Molly continues with her work, placing a deaf ear against Lulu's cries. Not one to be outdistanced, Molly decides to tie Lulu in an upright position on her tiptoes, then naked on an office chair, with her legs spread and ankles bound. She even decides to tie her thumbs. The next day leads to yet another adventure when the Master decides to let Lulu turn the tables on Molly! Gagged and tied Molly tries desperately to break free, but there is no chance of that. She applies the most exquisite of body ties; hands behind her back, ankles, and knees together, and a more than sufficiently tight crotch rope. Soon she decides that they are even in their suffering to each other, and allows Molly to be untied. They quickly make up, because, as you see, there is nothing worse than "tension" in the workplace.

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