Magma Swingt... In Der Fabrik Lounge

Released at: April 2, 2011 by Magma
At last there's something new from the capital! Berlin is well known, always worth a visit, especially as Goldy lives there and swings. High up above the roofs of Berlin some time ago the swingers club lounge factory was established. A large freight elevator takes visitors to a swingers club that has it all. Not only are couples in the factory Lounge welcome, but individual men. That's reason enough for Goldy to visit the "Factory Lounge". Well, the visit has more than paid off! Frivolous couples and horny men meet under the roof of the former factory and drive's side until the early morning hours. Become a witness wilderness Swinger! Where nobody can see who pops up just as with whom. This is real hot, swinging action! This film is a must for every swinger and for those who would like to be with you!

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