Magma Swingt...Im Club Big Mamas Haus

Released at: February 15, 2011 by Magma
Goldy and his swing-Magma team have once again traveled to the east of the Republic, Crimmitschau near Zwickau. And all because he followed a long-legged beauty ... Where does this mysterious woman go? To Big Momma's House! And "Big Mama" is not just "Big Mama", but she is also "Big" -- a great woman with the heart in the right spot. It leads with the support of their wild nieces a swingers club that's pretty extravagant. A good mix of a swinger's paradise and SM-Party-Club--something for everyone. The beauty is that no one gets in anyone else's way because the rooms are spacious and separate from each other. Speaking of "getting in the way" ... In the way were, however, the couples and solo men who were before Goldy's cameras, what's going on at "Big Mama ". It went from neat! First was packed, then packed again, and finally has the long-legged by several strong men can pass through. Don't miss this edition of Magma Swing because only then will you learn how "Big Mama" takes off! Oh, by the way ... the long-legged beauty was the last in Goldy's boot ... Big Mama's House is definitely the place to be.

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