Lesbian Life: Real Sex NYC

Released at: May 21, 2009 by Abigail Productions
**Lesbian Life - Real Sex NYC** features real queer sex, queer community, and queer culture. This is where hot lesbians meet in their own world and own life. Lesbian journalist, Madison Young, uncovers all the hottest spots in NYC for women to have sizzling sex. Madison's adventures lead her to vegan diners such as Food Swings, anarchist book stores such as Blue Stockings, burlesque performances and private yoga classes offered by queer community organizations. After a hard and fast week of documenting all the hot sex in the lesbian scene, Madison gets swept away by a fan in her favorite book store. Bonuses include interviews with Babeland co-founder Claire Cavanah and lesbian bike mechanic and activist at Times Up, Susan Lindell. Lesbian Life has put the sex back into travel. Featuring Madison Young, Axon, Panter, Jessie Lee, and Mischa Cunt. Along with newcomer real couples Jess and Nic as well as Ceci Dolores and Kenji Natori.

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