It's Ok We All Masturbate

Released at: March 17, 2022 by Filthy Kings Clips
My teen stepsister Leana is so shy but such a little hottie. When I come to home to find her in a skimpy bikini and our parents out for a few hours, I take the opportunity to eye-fuck her a little. We're not related, OK!? Her big natural tits and smooth ass looked great in that bikini. Little did I know this shy pervert had the exact same thing in mind, I was a little shocked when I caught her masturbating... but I told her it was no big deal anyway. She ran off the shower and washed off her sexy teen body before I sat down and had a talk with her. She was JUST wearing a towel. I convince her to go after what she wants and the next thing you know, I'm making out with her, kissing on her tits and fingering her shaved pussy! I get her all wet by eating her pussy before she takes a go on my big cock, definitely not as shy when she has a fat one in her mouth! I let her get on top of me and stretched out my stepsister's pussy well, she started creaming all over my cock and then screaming as I pounded her harder. I prone-boned her into another orgasm and even spooned my cock into her twat. She let me cum all over her face and in her mouth. Now she understands; It's OK to masturbate!

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