I Boned Your Mom Hardcut 9

Released at: June 8, 2020 by Score
When their kids are at college and their husbands are at work, these mature ladies prowl the neighborhood looking for action. They're over 40 and hornier than ever, and they use their old holes to milk young, hard cocks for everything they're worth. Many of them are fucking on-camera for the first time, so this has gotta be our secret. They don't want their friends and family to find out. Penelope thinks she's all alone in her house, but she isn't. JMac, whose friend is Penelope's son, thinks he's all alone in the house so he can take a shower, but he isn't. And when Penelope and JMac cross paths, a porn scene breaks out. "He told me you were at work," JMac says. "Do I look like I'm at work?" she asks. No, she doesn't. She's wearing sexy lingerie that shows off her big tits and a thong that shows off her nice ass. "I can't do this," JMac says. "Tommy will fuckin' kill me." Well, first of all, there's no reason Tommy has to find out (unless he subscribes to 40SomethingMag.com and sees his mom here). Second, there's a price a guy has to pay for having a hot MILF for a mom. The machine is called "The Carpet Sucker." Cala's mouth is called "The Cock Sucker" and her pussy is called "The Cock Fucker." At least that's what they should be called. Cala's a serious hottie, and she answers the door wearing a sheer, red top that her nipples are poking right through. Her tits are big, and so are the salesman's eyes when he sees what Cala is wearing. "Come on in, Sweetie," Cala says. "Show me everything you've got." Maybe we oughta quit our day jobs and take up door-to-door salesman. They seem to get all the perks. Jazmin Cox, 42, is doing the laundry. She's bent over the dryer, wearing very short shorts and a tube top, when, suddenly, she feels someone grabbing her ass. She turns around, and it's her daughter's boyfriend. What the fuck? He apologizes. He says she looks just like her daughter. "I look nothing like my daughter," Jazmin protests. Well, maybe not facially but definitely in the booty. And, obviously, Joe has seen a lot of that. "Let's not waste this opportunity," Jazmin says. "Monica's not here." "This is crazy. "What, you're going to be late again?" is just about the worst thing the husband of a sexy MILF can hear (the worst being, "I just called my lawyer"), but those are the words 41-year-old Kandi Jones' husband hears when he calls to tell her he's going to be late getting home from work. This is bad for Mr. Jones because his wife is ready for sex and horny. "I was really hoping that we could spend some time together," she tells him, meaning, "I really want to fuck." But then Kandi looks out the window and sees JMac, shirtless, washing her car. And, as we all know, there's nothing a horny MILF likes to see more than a porn stud washing her car. Or delivering her pizza. Or fixing her plumbing. But, in this case, washing her car. Looks like Kandi's going to be okay with her husband being late and JMac's going to be even better. How many side jobs do these porn studs have? She invites him in, maybe for a drink. Lacy B Cummings and Seth gamble make a passionate love with each other, pleasing each other and satisfying their sexual desires.

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