Hooky Hookup

Released at: February 18, 2020 by Web Young
Gia Derza grabs her cellphone and calls her girlfriend, Alex De La Flor. Her voice is low as she glances at the door as if keeping an eye out for Chanel Preston. She complains to her about missing their hookup that day since faking being sick didn't work. Gia already feels bad enough about missing Alex's 18th birthday last week. It's after school at the skatepark. A skater boy does tricks while his girlfriend, Sarah (Savannah Sixx), sits off in the shade, looking hot and sipping her soda. Decked out in her cute little wannabe skater chick outfit, her body glistening with sweat, all Sarah wants is some attention. Gianna Dior, Maya Kendrick and Adriana Checik come into Adriana's room and hop up onto her bed. Adriana has a tablet they all crowd around. They are about to take an aptitude test that will tell them which job is best for them.

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