Hedonism Hotel Fuck

Released at: November 1, 2006 by Internet Entertainment
I got to suck cock and fuck this time ;-) We were in Jamaica at the time...spending all day naked on the nude beach got me extremely horny. I was horny all day all the time there! I managed to film one escapades back to the room for a "quick fuck" to take care of my needs. The guy I brought back to the room this time was sooo dark. His cock looked just like a black guys dick! I couldn't wait to get that hot black cock into my pussy, but first I wanted to taste him! Licking the sweat off his cock I started to put my mouth around him and suck him hard. I think his tan cock really turned me on! I had to lay on my back on the edge of the bed for him so he could easily pound my pussy while standing. I was filled with pussy juice so it was very easy for his cock to slide right into me. Oooh wow! The way it felt when he first entered my pussy! I didn't want him to cum inside me...ya know, laying out in the nude beach and all...I didn't want to be dripping...lol. Anyways! So I had him shoot his load all over my tan tummy. His white cum shot out from his black cock cumming all over me. I liked that! Then of course, right back to the party at nude beach again! Luv Lori xoxo

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