Heather Carolin Nudes

Released at: February 13, 2009 by Playtime Video
"You have never seen me do what I'm going to do today! Is it out already?" 3 To Die for Scenes from this Tiny Siren! "I bet you can't take this? You're going to explode! Grab that cock & watch!" Sexy Lingerie with Stockings, Girly Panties & Leopard Bodysuit Outfits! Heather is so Natural at J/O its not even Funny! "I'm going to make you raw from watching me! Cum with me too!" Alone POV! Juicy Pussy Spreads! Fuck Me Talk! "You like jacking off while I fuck my pussy?" Pretend You're Fucking Me! "I bet you couldn't handle me? I'm so tight & wet! Explode all over me! Cum with me!" Hold it In Torments! See Her Juices Flow as She Begs You To CUM! "I bet you want to spank your monkey!" Addiction! Point & Cum! Real Life Instructions! Intense Dildo Fucking! Do You want to Fuck Me Head Games! Intense Sweet Finger Fucking as She Screams Cum for Me! Heart Attack! You want to Taste Me! Alone POV! "Look you have a little boner for me! Is that all you do is fucking jack off to me? I love putting you in pain!" A lifetime of Not getting Me! Laughing at You! Love Doll! Buying My Clothes! Slave! On & On! Don't Miss Heather in This Erotic Adventurer! She Will Leave You Begging for More! "I want you to cum for me one more time! Good Boy!" Will it Never END? Heather is going to be extra naughty for you today. She promises that you've never seen her like this before. She teases you in her black and red lingerie set with lace top stockings and black high heels. The panties come off first and she stands over your face spreading her little pussy open showing tasty pink. The bra falls off and in only stocking and high heels she lays back and bangs one out. Next she breaks out a purple dildo and deep throats it before burying it deep in her red hot crotch. Heather is playful in pink and white and she is ready to play with you. She is covered in cotton wearing a white wife beater, Calvin Klein panties and white thigh highs with pink ruffled socks. She giggles at you while you jerk off to her. She pulls her little pussy lips out the sides of her panties and twist her labia for you. She trips off each piece and thrust her pussy in your face. She bends it doggie style and opens that hole up for your cock. Cum where she tells you to or you're fired! She bangs herself hard until she cums right along with you. In a leopard print one piece and black stocking Heather tells you what a pathetic impotent man you are just wishing you could touch her. She lays her naked body over the kitchen table and tells that you're her slave and you will do for her. She spreads her legs wide open and tells you about her sweet little pussy. Then she moves onto a chair you become her leopard pink vibrator. She turns you on and slides you in between her wet pussy lips before taking you deep inside her hot red hole until she cums all over you.

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