Groupie Bailey Blows You After The Gig

Released at: March 28, 2020 by Conor Coxxx Clips
You just finished playing your last gig, and into the music equipment room walks your new favorite groupie - the sexy Bailey Paige. Dressed in a sexily ripped black dress and green bottoms that barely cover that cute hiney, she confesses to you just how much she loves boys who play in bands - and boy is she ready to prove it! Sitting on top of all your amps, she starts slowly stripping and teasing you, giving you those innocently seductive eyes than only a true fan can give. Bailey is now ready to prove just how devout of a groupie she is as she starts slowly worshipping your massive rocker cock with her perfect oral skills. She shows just how much of a true cock champion she is, never missing a beat at working your massive erection with her lips and tongue at the ideal rhythm until you explode all in her mouth. Bailey smiles happily at her milky reward as she makes sure to get every last drop, still slowly licking on your tip until the very end. After this phenomenal experience, you might just have to bring this groupie on tour - just don't tell her boyfriend! ;-)

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