Goon Squad 2: Patriot Acts

Released at: September 22, 2009 by ZFX Productions
**The much anticipated sequel to Goon Squad, ZFX's first new series in over 3 years, this title is being made available here, exclusively, for a limited time.** Recap of Goon Squad Part 1: After a devastating terrorist attack, secret squads known as Goon Squads are formed to round up suspected domestic terrorists for questioning. Pretty coed peace activist Jennifer Chandler is caught and interrogated at a covert government facility until she eventually admits she is a terrorist and names her terrorist cohort, her sexy best friend Sarah Malia. Poor Sarah now becomes the target of the Goon Squad as orders are issued to bring her in for questioning. In Part 2: Lovely Jennifer is still in custody of the government and her vicious questioning continues unabated. Despite turning in her best friend, the Goons are far from done using and abusing her sweet body. Tight bondage and even burning and barbed wire are used to elicit more information from the traumatized beauty. Meanwhile, Sarah is nabbed from her campus apartment and brought to the covert facility in chains. She soon finds out the reason for her visit. Accused of terrorist acts, she too is pumped for information about her terrorist allies. Innocent and refusing to confess to imaginary crimes, Sarah is stripped naked and severely beaten. Still stubbornly refusing to confess, her predicament becomes far more intense as she is butt plugged with an electrical prod and strung up by her wrists, then juiced until she is covered with sweat and saliva. But the worst is yet to come, for Sarah is about to be strapped to an electrified table and plied with truth serum and a hot sauce enema. She nearly explodes as she is shocked over and over by a grinning thug. Grunting and covered with sweat, Sarah has nearly reached her limits of endurance. Will Sarah be able to hold out against these demented patriots? Or will she turn in another poor lovely to be abused by these sadistic goons? Don't miss the exciting conclusion to Goon Squad!

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