Glass Dildos

Released at: August 19, 2021 by Mature British Lesbians
My very good friend from Spain Montse Swinger had called round for an afternoon of dirty Lesbian fun and we were soon kissing passionately before I turned my attention to her wonderful tits and I was soon sucking on her nipples and after a while she returned the favour we started stripping and were soon naked except for our panties. Montse was rubbing my pussy through my panties so I took them off and Montse started sucking on my juicy cunt then finger fucking me while sucking my clit but I needed some of her pussy so we got into the 69 position and gorged ourselves on each other's juicy pussies, after satisfying our lustful desires I introduced Montse to my collection of Glass Dildo's and I was soon fucking her hard with one of them and she soon reached Orgasm My turn next and Montse chose a really nice one for me and I lay back and opened my legs and spread my pussy wide and she slid it in effortlessly and fucked me deep and hard and I very quickly reached a climax, next it was time to try my glass double enders, the first was a little small so we swiftly moved on to the Longer and fatter one and were soon fucking each other in the scissors position and before long we both reached a satisfying climax but one orgasm is never enough and we started fucking each other in the doggy position Arse to Arse with the Glass dildo buried deep inside us both and once again we reached an electrifying climax. Trisha xxx

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