Fuck My Mom and Me #5

Released at: September 23, 2008 by Lethal Hardcore
Nicole asked her mom Lisa to teach her to "Shag like a minx" so she could impress her boyfriend, so Lisa said, "in this family we get paid for the pussy! So let's go down to Stoney's pad and get properly fucked!". Sophia is a busty trailer park tramp who wanted to teach her daughter Arianna the only business she knows- being a whore! Sheila and Deanna have a lot in common: they are both brunette beauties with big bottoms that can't get enough cock! Jazella got tired of Jayden begging to fuck her boyfriend, so she said, "Fine, if you really think you can handle Dave Hardman's legendary porn star cock, you're doing it on camera, you 'lil slut!.

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