Femorg: Di Devi "Passion"

Released at: October 6, 2017 by Femorg
Di Devi is a 34 year old MILF with soft natural breasts with inverted nipples and a nicely shaved pussy that enjoys masturbating. It's hard to tell how many orgasms she had as one seemed to melt into the other as she succumbed to the power of the Hitachi magic wand! Di Devi unzips the back of her summer dress and slips it down and off her feet - she isn't wearing a bra and her nice natural breasts sit perfectly on her chest! She teases her shaved pussy through her panties for a quick second, then drops them to the floor too. The only things she leaves on are her high heeled shoes! Di gets comfortable on a white leather chaise lounge, spreads her legs, and starts to masturbate with her fingers ... she rubs her clit and vulva rather firmly in a more or less circular manner. As the camera gets closer, we can see that Di has inverted nipples too ... She reaches over and turns on the Hitachi, and moments after she puts the toy to her clit, her feet and legs start to tremble from the sensations. Di must be pretty sensitive as she uses the wand very gingerly, just dancing it lightly over her clit and vulva. Her breathing and moaning very quickly get faster and more urgent, and she suddenly throws her head back and cums! She keeps the wand on her clit through her soft contractions and trembling legs and goes for another :-) ... and that orgasm isn't far off either. In fact, with all the little contractions going on down there, I think she quite possibly had several more orgasms by the time she was done! Di puts down the wand and caresses her great pussy lips as she recovers. Di is now wearing an olive-green T-shirt and black cut-off shorts. She caresses her body and breasts through the fabric of the shirt before pulling it off over her head. This time she is wearing a bra ... but that doesn't stay on for long either. Next to go are her shorts which reveal her matching black thong panties. Di briefly massages her pussy through her panties while standing up, then pulls aside the crotch for better access, then pulls them down slightly while she firmly rubs herself. She takes her panties off completely, kicks off her shoes this time and hops onto the bed without missing a clit rubbing beat! Di is panting like a pro as she rubs her entire vulva, then starts to finger fuck herself with her forefinger. She lubes her fingers up with saliva before proceeding to finger fuck herself with two fingers. But that is all part of her warm up exercises - things get real when she picks up the Hitachi, turns it on, and starts to massage her clit with it. She isn't as ginger with the toy this time and literally rubs firmly rubs her cilt with it. She reaches underneath her with her other hand and massages her asshole as she masturbates. The camera moves in for a closer view as Di switches the vibe to high power! Her rhythmic panting and moaning get more intense and her body starts to tremble and twitch ... but then she switches the stimulation back to low power and keeps working the toy over her clit and vulva until she is done. This time Di is wearing RED high heeled shoes as she struts into the room. She has on a white sundress which she immediately unzips in the back, then slips over her shoulders to release her braless boobs. She drops her dress to the floor, caresses her breasts, then shows off her white panties before taking them off too. Di likes to warm up while standing ... she reaches down with one hand and plays with her pussy, while her other hand caresses her breasts. She sits down on the edge of the couch, legs parted and shoes still on and continues masturbating with her fingers. After a moment, she pulls her knees up towards her chest to give us a full view of her pussy as she inserts her fingers. She rubs her clit very firmly and fast and looks like she is actually going to get off this way! Then she suddenly stops, grabs the magic wand, and continues to masturbate. Her pussy looks quite engorged and aroused as the wand touches it already, and just a little stimulation has her legs twitching and trembling. Di keeps on buzzing away at her engorged pussy until finally she goes over the edge and cums! But it's one of "those" orgasms again that's hard to tell if it was one orgasm, two, or more ... she just keeps on masturbating until she has had enough. Di reaches down and touches her red and swollen pussy. Di Devi's breasts are to die for ;-) in the stretchy lacy see through top she is wearing! She massages her breasts through the material, accidentally releasing one for a few seconds before her attention goes south to her cut-off denim shorts. She turns around and peels her shorts down over her amply bottom and reveals her matching stretchy lace panties. Di reaches behind her and unclips her bra, then peels down her panties. She is now left only in her high heeled shoes as she turns around and spreads her ass cheeks. She starts with her standing pussy massage warmup with one hand while massaging and squeezing her soft breasts with her other. After a few moments, Di sits in a leather arm chair and continues to masturbate with her fingers, pausing only to give her nipple a quick lick. Her moaning is a little "porny" though as she massages her clit and inserts two fingers into her vagina. But, as before, things change gears when she turns on the Hitachi magic wand and starts buzzing away at her clitoris. It takes her a few minutes of masturbating with the wand before her legs start to tremble and her pussy contracts. As before, it's hard to tell if she has multiple orgasms along the way or just the one at the end, but her final orgasm had nice soft tugging contractions. Di sits up and caresses her pussy and breasts ... she's done.

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