Fat Fucker

Released at: December 17, 2002 by Anarchy Films
He is the funniest man in porn. He is Fat Fucker, and he will keep you laughing as he is getting fucked and buggered off by some of the hottest English girls. Watch 6 girls in 5 scenes, also featuring the Twins, Misha and Sasha. There is no reason to turn down pussy, especially if it comes in pairs! But unfortunately for Fat Fucker, people have the worst timing, and his well-laid lies seem to disintegrate right before your very eyes. Hilarity ensues with each scene, so watch the Fat Fucker work his magic (or lack thereof).

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Scene1: 00:02:14 - 00:20:35 (18:21)

Scene2: 00:20:36 - 00:44:08 (23:32)

Scene3: 00:44:09 - 01:07:04 (22:55)

Scene4: 01:07:07 - 01:24:15 (17:08)

Scene5: 01:24:18 - 01:41:24 (17:06)


Misha, Sasha