Exotic And Unusual Sexual Positions

Released at: September 22, 2006 by Access Instructional Media
In this film you get to see tows and stimulation for really adventurous lovers. These scenes will challenge you endurance, you imagination and your sense of adventure. Dare to experiment with exotic toys. See two women fight it out in S/M lite games, they domineer their male partner into submission. Get sex out of the bedroom and even bring a third person into the bedroom. Dr. Michael Perry, A.C.S. An internationally know author, sex therapist and educator. Dr. Michael Perry maintains a private practice in Encino, California. He conducts seminars and lectures worldwide, is board certified but the American College of Sexologist and is an active member of Society of the Scientific Study Of Sex. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs including Geraldo, Larry King Live, Lifetime, Hard Copy, Sonya Live, CNBC, Extra and the Playboy Channel.

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