Dirty Girl In A Garage

Released at: April 7, 2021 by Only3x
Our heroes, glamour photographer, J.J., and his pal, detective Bono, have been taken by the bad guys (see episode 7). At the start of our latest scene they are tied by the hands, have been dumped in the trunk of a car and just arrived at a darkened garage at night. Their patience shown to the guys from the car and ties J.J, up to some machinery, while poor Bono is strung up to a vehicle on a rig. Renato torments our heroes, threatening to gut them with a screwdriver and punching J.J, in the stomach when he defiantly calls the gangster 'a bastard'. But Renato needs his big knife to kill them quick and who should turn up at that moment but his whore girlfriend, Luminata (played by the hot-as-hell SHALINA DEVINE). Renato is itchy in his pants for a fuck and promises to kill the guys quickly, but Luminata likes the look of them all tied up. She also loves to tease... In a slinky red, white, black dress, with sexy red and black lingerie and stockings, not to mention her heels, this sexy whore wants to play with our boys! Renato agrees she can have some fun. Slinkily Luminata wraps herself around them, touching their groins, feeling Bonos muscles, licking inside J.J.'s ear and finally unzipping the detectives cock to check if she is making him hard (she is !) Its all part of Luminata's little game. But its too much for her cunt-hungry boyfriend who has been watching and turning himself on, stroking a big hard cock. Luminata glides over and kisses him passionately. Renato makes the slut down on her knees. Luminata is in Heaven. 'I love it when you treat me hardcore' she says, teasing her macho lover. His reply is to ram his swollen cock down her throat and make the bitch choke on his man meat! She licks and sucks his knob as he groans with pleasure. She sucks his balls and Renato lifts her up for a kiss before sitting the bitch on a pile of old tyres, spreading her legs, pulling aside her delicate panties and getting his tongue deep inside her love box. The slut groans with pleasure as he spits, tongues and frigs her juicy pussy. SHALINA's neat shaved snatch would make the Pope horny, as Renato says! Next he pushes her back missionary style and slams his long dick into her cunt. Slowly at first, then increasing the speed until he is ramming his dick up her pussy, Renato give the whore a hot Italian fucking. Swinging her on the side, the thug slaps his salami into her juicy hole for more cock fun. After a time Renato pulls Luminata off the tires and slaps her ass. She bends forward in anticipation as he fucks her from behind. She looks gorgeous with those perfect legs in sexy heels and encased in black stockings! Then its back up on the tires again for more deep penetration. Renato climbs up aboard and Luminata/SHALINA gets on top of him, first in cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl positions. He again starts gradually and builds up speed, pounding his meat deep into the whore, making her squeal and moan with delight. In reverse cowgirl she sits back leaning on her stud so that the camera can look right up at her cunt getting hotly pounded by Renato`s monster dick! Finally its all too much for the stud. SHALINA gets on her knees like a good whore so that Renato can frost her face with a thick showering of his love cream. It splatters all over her forehead, lips and chin dribbling down as she smiles in thanks ! Looking aside, Luminata sees that while the sex action has been going on, J.J. has managed to get hold of a knife on a tray of tools and cut his bonds. He is now freeing Bono! Trying to pull his trousers up, Renato falls over. This gives our heroes time to grab. He squirms and hollers but its to no avail. Bono gives him a smart punch on the chin and with J.J.s help ties up the swine. That leaves Luminata, naked and very afraid especially when Bono says she ought to be charged as an accessory to murder! But kindly J.J. has a better idea. As its going to take the Spanish cops at least 30 or 40 minutes to arrive, he suggests that Luminata could be freed if she did something nice for our boys (he is still horny after the striptease). Luminata is only too willing to comply. Our scene ends with all three laughing together as Luminata looks ready to give the guys some sex. After all, its all in a days work for a good whore!

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