Die Wilden Rasse-Omas Kennen Jade Geile Stellung

Released at: February 15, 2009 by Pleasure Entertainment
It's off to the races, where hot Grandma knows all about sex, including each lecherous sexual position and how to get in and out of them with ease. Not yet ready to reconcile herself to sitting at home in her rocking chair waiting for the inevitable ticking of the clock, Grandma is off to the races to see how much fucking and blowing she can get in before carpal tunnel syndrome or a broken pelvis puts her stroking and/or thrusting abilities out of commission. Since many of her contemporary males are all fucked out, she tries her hand, and the rest of her still vital body parts, on the younger generation. Her partner of choice, and more likely of necessity, is a dude 30-40 years her junior. Go get 'em, Grandma. Your fuckin' days aren't over yet! Blow their socks off!

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