Deren Asks Daddy To Spank Her

Released at: May 19, 2018 by Dave's Custom Media
Sweet little Deren has been having a hard time with her grades. Her friend told her that when she needs to focus, she has her step-father spank her! Deren, wearing her prettiest school uniform and pigtails, reluctantly asks her step-Daddy if he wouldn't mind giving her a spanking... you know, to help with her grades! Deren's step-Daddy agrees with the request, first spanking her over-the-knee, and above the skirt. Soon after, the skirt comes up, and Deren finds herself with her hands on the ground as she straddles step-Daddy as he spanks her panty-clad ass. Deren later thinks she might remember her math equations better if she gets spanked without panties on! And finally, step-Daddy wails on poor little Deren's behind with a hairbrush... even making her count to 10 as he hits her, just to reinforce good math skills!

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