Delia DeLions & Trixie

Released at: September 25, 2017 by Suck My Trans Cock
Curvy hot cis girl Trixie is so happy to finally have a super sexy, lesbian lover. She just wants a fun, feminine woman to have a good time with and she finds what she's looking for in Delia DeLions. What she doesn't yet know is that Delia is a woman with a little something extra. She begs to lick Delia's pussy. When Delia reveals to Trixie her big swollen trans girl clit, Trixie is in shock! But Delia insists that she takes that big cock down her throat. Trixie seems to enjoy it as she sucks Delia's dick enthusiastically. She finally gets a taste of the pussy she craves when Delia shoves Trixie's face into her ass. Trixie shoves her tongue deep into Delia's trans girl hole. Delia even decides she wants to fuck Trixie's tight twat as well. After a good banging and some more cock sucking, Delia spews her trans girl juice all over Trixie's smiling face.

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