Dayton Rains

Released at: April 29, 2016 by Rodney Moore Clips
"Goo's Your Daddy? " featuring Dayton Rains, & Rodney Moore- As part one of our story unfolds, it's just another day in LA and super hot and super stacked MILF Dayton Rains has just found out she has a new step dad for like the fourth time! Dayton's Mom changes husbands like she changes underwear. New step dad Rodney is rolling into town for business and wants to stay at her place, little does he know Dayton holds a grudge against his new wife and she wants revenge! And to Dayton revenge is a dish best served NAKED. Dayton is quick to seduce and offers a massage to the unsuspecting Rodney. She pulls out all of the stops when she comes out in a tiny bra and panties to give the massage. "Poor" Rodney is a sitting duck in her clutches and once her hands touch his cock it is over. She takes her puffy MILF lips to his huge cock and sucks it like she means it, driving step daddy Rodney to lose it! She relishes his step daddy dick with tons of blow job saliva. Pretty soon she is moaning for kinky step daddy to fuck her tight MILFY pussy after she sucks his balls and he licks her prime ass! She fucks him royally and he gives her a titty fuck before showering her pretty MILFY face with his gooey step daddy cum! And make sure to check out next week for part two when Rodney plows the grand daughter!

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